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Plans We Support

  • Community Water Plan, to be published late 2023/early 2024

  • Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) and the Identified Projects and Processes

  • Eagle River Inventory and Assessment, 2005

  • Eagle River Watershed Plan, 2013

  • ERWSD Water Efficiency Plan, and ERWSD Water Resources Master Plan

  • Gore Creek Strategic Action Plan and Gore Creek Water Quality Improvement Plan

  • USFS and BLM Rsource Management Plans

  • Town of Gypsum Source Water Protection Plan

  • Town of Eagle - Brush Creek Management Plan

  • Town of Eagle Water Efficiency Plan

  • Town and County Comprehensive and Master Plans

  • Upper Colorado Wild and Scenic Plan

  • Eagle County Conservation District Ditch Inventory

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service information

  • Colorado River Inventory and Assessment

  • Eagle River Recreation Plan

  • Camp Hale - Eagle River Headwaters Collaborative Restoration Implementation Plan

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