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The Eagle River Fund


The Eagle River Fund provides secure funding for river projects in the Eagle River Watershed, protecting waterways  for generations to come. Join us and leave your legacy.

Why Now?

Everyone needs water. Here in the Eagle River Valley, the rivers and streams deliver the foundation of our recreation and tourism-based economy, the vibrant landscape and its incredible wildlife, and the lifestyle upon which we orient our daily lives. 

Whether descending from an iconic waterfall in the Gore Range, coming out of the taps in our schools, or providing water for agriculture in the Western portions of the county, the Eagle River and its tributaries require protection in the face of threats like aridification, polluted runoff, and more.

When you become a supporter of Eagle River Fund, you are making a difference in our community’s ability to take the restorative action required to sustain life here for generations to come.


to Give

Your gift will be held at Western Colorado Community Foundation (WCCF) and will benefit the Eagle River Fund. 

WCCF is a public charitable foundation, and donations to the Eagle River Fund qualify as tax-deductible for United States federal income tax purposes and, in the case of Colorado taxpayers, for Colorado State income tax purposes. Please consult with your tax advisor about your individual tax benefits.

Gift of Cash

Cash is the simplest way to give and always welcome. You can make an online donation or mail your gift to Western Colorado Community Foundation (WCCF), our fiscal sponsor.

Please mail checks to the address below and include the fund destination in the memo line:

PO Box 4334
Grand Junction, CO 81502


Please contact us prior to initiating a stock donation to share the specifics of your gift (number and type of shares) and of your intentions so that we can track your donation. For a copy of WCCF stock transfer instructions, click here.

Real Estate or Non-Liquid Assets

Western Colorado Community Foundation will work with you directly to donate these complex assets. Use their contact form or reach out by phone (970-243-3767) for assistance.

Estate Gift

Creating a bequest for the Eagle River Fund in your living trust or will is as simple as contacting your attorney to update your documents to put in place legacy gift plans. We encourage you to inform our team about your plans.

Retirement Accounts and QCDs

Donors who are 70½ or older can take advantage of the IRA charitable rollover to make donations or designate the Eagle River Fund as the beneficiary of their retirement accounts at end-of-life.


Please email us at with questions. 

to Give

Gifts via check can be sent to:

Western Colorado Community Foundation 

Memo: Eagle River Fund
PO Box 4334
Grand Junction, CO 81502

We accept wire and stock transfer and other assets.

Please email us at to get started. 

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